Friday, July 24, 2009


We made it to Henry's aunts house at newport beach! Reunited after more than a week[; aiiiiite. lol fuck my life.
I have a shitload of hw to do and yet I'm on this trip. I'll probably try doing some on the track.
Or I'll probably get distracted. Like usual..

So like.. my computer caught a virus.
I was doing some research on a paper when I clicked one of the links google gave me. It went to some other webpage that wasn't the url on the link.. and a bunch of pc-ish looking boxes popped up and told me I had a virus and I had to download this thing to get rid of it. Silly me thought that it was my computer telling me to do so, so I clicked it. BUT I THEN REALIZED THAT IT WAS THE WEBSITE AND NOT MY COMPUTER. ): Therefore, shit has been popping up all over the place and I haven't been able to log onto gmail or bank of america of any such thing. And I'm afraid to do so because I don't want my shit stolen. Therefore, I haven't been updating and now on Henry's laptop. poo.

On top of that my car died. I don't fucking know what happened but my dad drenched the engine in water and apparently that fucks shit up. It hasn't been starting and when it does the whole shit shakes like a mofo and I don't know whether its even safe to drive it. I guess I'll have to wait for Henry to take a looksee..

His family scares me, like super. I'm not sure if they like me or not but at least his aunt thinks I'm purdy. Which I doubt.
I'm super homesick after like one day. I miss my momma. I miss Eric. I miss Mika. I'll be back on Sunday though. (: toodles


  1. Reformat your computer miss

    Did your dad forget to cover the electronics n sensors n stuff?

    I'm sure his fam likes you, you look fine lol

  2. ur an idiot for clickin on a virus lol