Sunday, November 28, 2010


okay, the track itself was not gay as fuck, the event was. i mean, we've been there before, for a private event, and it was so much more fun and chill. it was hosted by Bob's Donut's this time around. they were seriously overbearing with the rules and regulations. overly organized and yet chaotic at the same time. you would be done for the entire day if you spun out three times and everyone was spinning out all over the place during the first run. i mean cmon what do you expect! they also mixed beginner grip drivers in with the drift group so there were these annoying corvettes up on everyones ass. my poor baby had a terrible day ): he spun out pretty hard his second lap and got black flagged, so whatever he got off the track the quickest way but i GUESS it was the wrong way. apparently that's a major no no and they told him he was done for the day. -_____- talked to them and they agreed to letting him go during the last 20 minutes of the day. minutes during which he crashed into a burm (is that what they're called?) and bent his longchamp. so pretty much we drove 200 miles, froze to death and got sunburnt for 3 lousy laps that ended up with a bent wheel and a possible fucked motor. (lost oil pressure on the way back and got towed home.) CHUPS!


i spilled coffee all over myself every time we hit a tiny bump.. -_-

here honay i share my snuggie wif youuuusss :D

artic sun lol
lol yuta's gangster puffy jacket. so kewl


very classy

he needed to put a number on his car.. and he chose 80,085.

): ): ): ):

at least we made it back home? muah! dear bob, we are NEVER coming back.

i'll upload the vids in my next post

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