Thursday, November 11, 2010

STARS at rio theatre!

went to see stars in santa cruz with henry, jackie and jerry. (:
we stopped by a taco bar prior to that.

prawn and snapper tacos?! YUM
downtown santa cruz.

the rio!

aw cute picture if not for my gay thumb


for once, your face is normal.

wtf jackie you weren't supposed to look at the camera..

why can i never get a decent picture with you. why.

he's like, a head taller than me. seriously.


bubbles be flying up in yo bidness

she has such a great voice.

the aftermath

random huge guitar

they were throwing roses off the stage into the crowd. i extended my arm not expecting for it to land perfectly into my palm. wtf right?
the view of the city from the apartment! mmmm. it's not fun driving from sf to sc, i tell you what.

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