Monday, November 1, 2010

pictures are backwards in chronological order, but who cares.

picture of the night! cuties


but oh was it worth it for this.

once again, DOOR IS ALARMED

so my smartass here didn't read the sign. it said there's an alarm triggered when you open the door. but he did it anyways. we propped the door open with this plastic thing and after we're all chillen and playing on the roof some security guy comes to the door and starts closing it. freaked out, everyone runs at him NOOOO WE'RE STILL HERE. hahah he was so cool though he didn't even trip. he was just like "oh you guys. its dangerous up here, you could trip" AHAHAHHA

henry trying to listen in on people smashing

lets go up. and try to find the roof.

off we go!

SO BORED IN FACT, that I suggested we go explore the Hilton.

oh it's love


my slash looks like a bleeding vagina. LOL

amber's cut

really really bored

so we got to the hotel and got really bored.
whale mural!

I still can't complain though. This is delicious.

grabbed quick dinner at king of thai, this place opened super late. but totally jipped me off of one thai tea and tried to lie about it. -_-
BOOK FACE. hai cutie
and of course the men in our lives.....

b3st fr13nds 4 lyfeeee
I smeared eyeliner and orange stuff all over my face cause I'm supposed to be a pirate -_-
no one knows what amber is without her mask on. LOL
arrived at the old roomie's house. played couples bp with cuong and amber. we rebuddled twice and won. IN YO FACE.

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