Friday, November 19, 2010

the deathly hallows

I'm so fucking excited for this. Being a Harry Potter fan since elementary school, I used to read under the covers late at night with a flash light and wait for mama to come and whoop my ass raw. I read for hours and hours determined to finish the novel in at most two days, only to feel the disappointment settle in after the last few words. But no fear! Soon after, impatience took over as the wait for the new one began. Henry, my love! Is taking me to see this shizz in IMAX at the Metreon a week or two after the hype has died down. We're going to fandango this shit. It's going to be the dopest shit ever. "I put my wizard's hat on." ^_________^

"So what language do you speak?" "I speak American." "Oh for some reason I thought it was English." "No it's the freedom language." HAHHAHAHAH

*on sidenote

take me next? loves you. :D

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