Sunday, November 7, 2010

golden gate park!

Hons and I took a stroll around Golden Gate Park and went on a mission to sit on every bench we found (:
Shakespeare garden.
Pumpking Spice Latte = YUMM

I'm so brown. wtf -_-


Where's Waldo?

It's a sphinx, see I told you. Idiot.
The whole time he was FREAKING out about how cute the duck's butts were. I swear he was more excited than the 4 year olds next to us. -________-
Yellow Lotus!!!!!!!!
I don't know what this thing is but it's really cool.

"If we could kiss like this for the rest of our lives, I wouldn't mind not having sex."
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. :D

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  1. you disgustingly cute couple, you... that park is lovely though.(: