Thursday, February 17, 2011

pushing daisies!

so, henry's cousin jackie gave us the entire first season of pushing daisies to watch on dvd.. 2 years ago? and we've finally bothered to open it up and watch it. LOL since we couldn't watch netflix due to the internet being super laggy and hella wanted to test out the new tv. but i'm SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW. it's the cutest fucking thing ever! so this little boy finds out that he has the power to bring back the deceased when he touches them the FIRST TIME. the catch is, if he touches them again they fall back dead again. and if they remain alive for more than a minute, someone else in proximity has to die. he ends up growing up and moving away from his hometown and leaves his childhood sweetheart. now he solves crimes with this detective by bringing back people who were murdered for no more than a minute and asks them who killed them. one day, a particular case brought itself to the detective's attention and the victim turns out to be his childhood sweetheart. he couldn't bring himself to touch her again for the second time and have her leave him forever. so he let her live, and the funeral director dropped dead instead. he's hella in love with her but he can never touch her again or else she'd die. AWWWWWWW

NOT TO MENTION, i'm like whimpering at every dress, hat, pair of shoes, or earrings i see in this show. they are so fashionably dressed! fuuuuuu i can't waste my money on clothes anymore. i bet if i tried hard, i could probably snag a few vintage-y dresses at some old thrift stores but they go for quite a bundle of cash nowadays (for the real deal). but forever 21 and other modern clothing stores are attempting to recreate the dresses. i just feel like it's not the same if it's not made with a certain cut and fabric. fuck, i wish i knew how to sew.

not to mention, lee pace is a MAJOR hottie. i would no doubt, hit that. hahahah

also, henry's been having sinus headaches for the past week and keeps moaning that he hasn't been this sick in years. so i've been running around taking care of him, making food, soup, tea, wiping his little brow, feeding him medicine! pampering!! not going to class to stay home and take care of him.. NOW I'M FUCKING SICK.

fucking great.

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