Monday, February 21, 2011


was today + a bajillion people crowding into one place to look at some gay cars. fortunately, this also means our friends are in town! :D so therefore, amber and i planned a small get together at our place with me, her, our play things, and matthew garrison. :P we bought 60 oysters split between the five of us (jesus christ we were so full), eaten with steaks, coronas, lemons, mushrooms, corn, asparagus, mangos, and green tea ice cream for desert. afterwards, the boys ended up playing street fighter till five am (when matt left) and then until 8 am. amber and i were snuggling in bed where she fell asleep and i stayed awake with the boys. we went to get coffee, they went home and i drove henry to school.
amber cut off a chunk of her thumb trying to open an oyster, and this is her "pedophile's dream" face.

they started freaking out because apparently this one looked especially like a vagina. HAHA

today was a good day. happy president's day everyone!

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