Thursday, February 10, 2011

23 years old.

my babbbbbby is sooooooo oldddddddddddd! getting ready to settle down and have kids soon, right honey?! HAHAH JK well anywho, i had this whole wonderful day planned out for us. the first on the list would be a trip to ikea, A QUICK ONE, just to grab some needed furniture in preparation for our new tv. then after, head back to sf and stroll around shopping, thrifting, buying him cool new shit and then dinner. HOWEVER, we spent 5 FUCKING HOURS AT IKEA. because he spotted this red couch in the "as is" section marked down 20 percent, and then marked down ANOTHER 20 due to a special 3 hour sale (or some stupid shit like that) going on while we were there. he immediately fell in love with it and being the loving girlfriend that i am, i obliged. -_- so in all we bought the new couch, tv stand, coffee table, living room rug, bamboo plants (LOL shut up), mugs, trash cans and all that good shit. split down the middle! the couch was originally 500 but the price got marked down to 320. now that i see it set in the living room, it was a pretty good steal :P

my sweeeeet glasses i found in some vendor in sf!

darling, there is a chinese family in our kitchen.

i was unprepared!

henry and couch

trinh and henry and couch

the setup
just imagine a tv in the back haha

stayed in and made dinner instead

went to safeway, bought him a bottle, drank two shots and KTFO. i know, i'm a one shot wondaaaa ];

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