Sunday, February 6, 2011


new years! means spending loads of time with all the relatives in the world, getting jumped by a gang of little boys, eating eating eating, trying HARD to come up with vietnamese (greetings? wishes?) for your elders, and best of all .. THOSE RED ENVELOPES.
and gwamps (:
baby ricky, who kept running away from me all night because he didn't want his picture taken!
baby brother, who looks like a mexican.

ricky is hiding.
ricky is hiding, hard.
baby love loves

now ricky is trying to attack me with the inflatable hammer.
chi nhi, noooooo!
danny is BIG. he used to be the CUTEST, i shit you not, baby ever.

ricky stop hiding!

"HEY CHI NHI!!!!!!!!!" *flashes book. me: AHHHHHH! *falls to face, in terror. this happens at least 10 times.

this was what he was trying to scare me with. hahahhah so nostalgic.

the process begins

my lovely family (and quite, very drunk dad)

the newest baby. of course he's a boy -_- this family is cursed with boys. big ballin!
eric watching too much wwf

my dad won.

i bet a dollar. lost. and retreated. LOL
then i went to a new years event with my love (he was spotlighting) and sat there for THREE hours watching vietnamese people dance quite badly to LOUD, ear splitting vietnamese music. that's dedication baby. hahahha

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