Tuesday, February 1, 2011

today is a sad sad day

hulu's entire stargate sg-1 free episodes.. EXPIRES! )))))): I'm only a few episodes away from finishing the saga. and henry's 3 seasons behind still :P OH, did I mention I have the HUGEST crush on Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c? yessssssssss. Sci-Fi nerd, indeed. ;___; They made a MOVIE to end the whole thing, so friggin' excite! But I still need to figure out how to watch those last couple episodes ...

a couple meals I conjured up for our first week living together! aren't the heart plates simply adorable? [: school is going well, it's just a bitch to adjust to how everything runs differently. i still haven't figured out how to procure a parking permit.. so its 3 dollars a day -__- it also takes a lot out of me to drive up mission, back and forth everyday. it's only a mile or two away but that road stresses me out! it's the most terribly conditioned road i've driven on, people running across the street all the time and buses/cars stopping all over the place in the middle of the goddamn street. anger!

Overall, the move here definitely saves me a lot of gas and trips back and forth. I'm in one place so I don't have the urge to ditch class and just focus on school. The downsides are missing my momma (even the sweet sound of constant nagging), watching tv and playing with eric, cuddling with mika every night.. and my best friends. But I'm not trippen cause I still come home every weekend to make some crab money ;] However, money does pose a problem now that rent is taken into account.. and it's just simply hard to sustain a lifestyle for two with JUST my salary (AHEM), especially with the cut hours. I'm thinking about looking around for another part-time in sf to keep this up. ))))):

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